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Sports Event Management, Live Streaming (Full HD) and Accessibility Audit.

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Live Streaming - Full HD

By choosing our live streaming services, you are not just gaining access to thrilling sports events, but you are also supporting a noble cause. All proceeds from our live streaming services go directly towards funding our sports programs and initiatives for individuals with disabilities. Your contribution helps us create opportunities, build confidence, and foster a sense of community through sports.

1. Inclusivity: Our live streaming platform is designed to be accessible to everyone, including individuals with diverse abilities. We strive to make sports events enjoyable for all.

2. Quality Streaming: Experience high-quality, buffer-free live streaming of various sports events. From exhilarating matches to inspiring moments, our platform brings the action to you in real-time.

3. Supporting a Cause: Every subscription, donation, or purchase on our platform directly supports our mission to make sports accessible to individuals with disabilities. Join us in making a difference through the power of sports.


Accessible Audit

Accessibility audit: 
Your partner in creating inclusive environments. Our Physical Accessibility Audits ensure your space meets the highest standards, promoting inclusivity for all.
Expertise: Our experienced team ensures compliance with accessibility standards.
Custom Solutions: Tailored audits for diverse spaces – commercial, educational, healthcare, and more.
Comprehensive Assessments: Thorough evaluations covering ramps, entrances, signage, and more.
Actionable Recommendations: Clear, prioritized solutions for immediate improvement.
Brand Enhancement: Showcase your commitment to inclusion and social responsibility.
Ongoing Support: Beyond the audit, we provide continuous support for evolving accessibility needs.


Sports Event Management

Sports Event Management: Elevate your sports events to new heights with our unparalleled Sports Event Management expertise. Our seasoned team specializes in orchestrating seamless sports events across diverse locations, offering you a comprehensive one-stop solution.
Why Choose Us:
Proven Experience: Our team boasts a wealth of experience in successfully managing multiple sports events, ensuring a flawless execution every time.
All-Inclusive Solutions: From securing top-notch venues to providing expert umpiring, engaging commentary, eye-catching jerseys, and charismatic MCees – we've got every aspect of your sports event covered.
Extensive Portfolio: With a track record of over 30+ national level events, we've curated unforgettable experiences for various sports, including Cricket, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, and Football.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

Sports Event Management, Live Streaming (Full HD) and Accessibility Audit.

By choosing our services like Live Streaming, Sports event management and Accessible audit you are not just a viewer; you are an active participant in our mission to promote inclusivity, empowerment, and the joy of sports. Together, let's play sports a source of inspiration and transformation for individuals of all abilities.

 Thank you for supporting Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy. Let the games begin!

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